Mr. Alton Asquith Campbell

Mr. Alton Asquith Campbell (1986 - 1990) 

 Mr Campbell was Assistant Auditor General during the years 1976 – 1986 and was appointed Auditor General 1986, February 8th.

Mr Campbell served Trinidad and Tobago in various capacities including:-
•    Served on Commission of Enquiry into the B.W.I.A \
•    Chairman if Cabinet Appointed Commission of Enquiry into CARONI (1975) Ltd (1988 – 1989)
•    Represented Trinidad and Tobago as a member of the Governing Board of INTOSAI
•    A Founding member and First Secretary General of CAROSAI
•    Chairman of the Inaugural Congress of CAROSAI

Mr Campbell died in office on 1990 January 19th.