Ms. Jocelyn Thompson

Mrs.Jocelyn Thompson (1990 - 2006) 

Mrs. Jocelyn Thompson began her career in the Auditor General’s Department (AGD) on 1961 September 04. She proceeded on Scholarship from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago on 1969 August 20 to Leeds College, England. In 1971 December, she was successful in the Professional Examination of the Association of Certified and Corporate Accountants now The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. She was also a Fellow with this body and carried the Professional Description ‘FCCA’. Her years of experience, combined with her qualification and her desire to keep abreast of changes in the profession made her an astute auditor. She had a penchant for asking the right questions and/or identifying the questionable issues when presented with findings of the field staff.

Mrs. Thompson became Auditor General in 1990 January and during her tenure the computerization of the Department took off. She ensured that as far as possible, each officer had access to a computer and supported the introduction of the office intranet. She encouraged the introduction of IT audits despite the challenges faced by the Department in this area. She had an interest in officers taking the initiative to plan their careers and make the sacrifice that further education demanded. For this reason, training and training incentives were an integral part of the Department’s programme for the enhancement of its human resource.

Mrs. Thompson was also Secretary General of the Caribbean Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (CAROSAI) - for fifteen (15) years. Among the accomplishments was the planning of the Technical programs of three CAROSAI Congresses and supporting the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) in the first and second Long-Term Regional Training Programs sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and IDI respectively. These programs were designed to upgrade the skills of audit officers in the Caribbean as well as equip the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) with a cadre of specialist trainers who will develop, design and facilitate training not only in their individual SAIs but for the Caribbean as a whole. Mrs. Thompson served on the Audit Review Committees of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organisation of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA).

Mrs. Thompson retired as the Auditor General on 2006 March 13